Our Work

Gynecology Camp in Wajir

It was a huge experience for our team of doctors, as they handled an enormous number of patients with gynecological needs, bringing out the grimace picture of the dire need for the specialty in the area.

The turnout was massive with a record number of 517 women enrolling for the free camp that saw 413 successful consultations, out of which, 39 of them had to undergo life changing surgeries in record number of five (5) days, highlighting the backlog of the cases in the region.

The cases were mainly:

  • Uterine and ovarian masses.
  • Pelvic pain
  • Reproductive Endocrine anomalies.
  • Female Genital Mutilation complications( infibulation)
  • Fistulas, mainly Vesico-vaginal fistula (VVF)
  • Pelvic organ prolapse, mainly, Uterine prolapse.

The surgeries were mainly:

  • Myomectomies
  • Cystectomies
  • Transvaginal hysterectomies
  • Vesico-vaginal Fistulas Repair
  • Hydrotubations
  • Marsupialization
  • Deinfibulation
  • Reinfibulation

A total of 170 women were subjected to Cervical Cancer screening out of which Three (3) turned positive and recommended for further follow up.

The camp had many mixed stories and experiences that are indelible and some of the highlights include:

  • A 31 year old lady who had lost four (4) babies during delivery and had Vesico-vaginal fistula for eight (8) years, who was divorced and secluded socially to a peripheral shanty living in isolation with the constant leakage of urine benefitted from the free camp and had undergone a life changing surgery that turned her life into an Oasis of happiness and freedom, feeling reintegrated into the social circles of her own society. Only she, understands the agony of developing vesico-vaginal fistula at 23 years of age and living with it until she is 31 years of age, eight (8) years of her prime life spent in seclusion and self-shame.


  • A 35 year old lady who had a massive intrauterine mass for four (4) years, having visited several hospital for intervention but could not afford the cost was operated on where a 5kgs uterine mass was extracted and sent for histological analysis for further definitive care.


  • A 65 year old widow who had uterine prolapse (Uterus dangling between her thighs) for 3-4 years, giving her difficulties in passing urine, with recurrent Urinary tract infections, underwent Transvaginal Hysterectomy, ending her years of misery and agony.


Every woman had her unique story of resilience and hope that amplified the commitment of Safe Surgical Aid healthcare providers in conducting more outreach gynecological camps.