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Eye Camp in Wajir

The eye camp was mainly for prescreened patients who were diagnosed with cataract and deemed fit for surgery. The clinic was run for three (3) days, by Two Ophthalmologists and their assistants, where 106 patients were attended to, out of which 65 were operated on successfully and given post-surgical review after 2 days (48hrs).

The camp was dominated by the elderly, underprivileged residents of Wajir with instant results, raising the questions as to why they had to live with their debilitating conditions for many years and a case in point was;-

An elderly man who could not see, read a scripture for the first time in 20 years. He personified, the hallmark of the outreach clinic.

Cognizant of World Health Organization’s (WHO) report that listed refractory errors and cataracts as the leading causes of blindness in the world, Cataracts being implicated at 51% of the world’s cases of blindness, an estimated 20 million people.

Safe surgical Aid commits to play an active and consistent role in the fight against blindness through multi-sectoral approach.

Camp Highlights