Eye Camp in Wajir (Oct 2021)

Camp Breakdown

There is a huge need in eye care services in Kenya and most of this people are found in the rural part of this country where these services and many other surgical specialties are not available. The October Cataract Mission has taken place in Wajir County which is located in the north east of Kenya, it’s a semi-arid area inhabited by nomadic and pastoralist communities. The county is among the largest and among the poorest in the country covering an area of approximately 55,841 km², It is sparsely populated and has approximately 720,000 people.


SAFE SURGICAL AID has carried extensive eye check-ups for two weeks between 20th September to 5th October and identified over 500 patients with reversible blindness caused by cataract and other eye illnesses.

Cataract is the clouding of the eye lens making the light not able to penetrate through leading to blindness. This is corrected by performing a specialized operation and replacing the natural lens with an artificial lens called (intra-ocular lens). This increases the quality of the surgery leading to a better vision, thus gives a better living quality. Wajir Cataract mission was conducted between the dates 1st October, 2021 to 6th October, 2021 in Griftu, Habaswein and Wajir Town by Safe Surgical Aid, with logistical support from Wajir County Health Department

Opthalmology Reverse Referrals October 2021 Summary

  • Overall Patients Statistics
  • Eye Camp October 2021

989 patients screened ,among them:


507 Surgeries done.

36 patients for Referrals (most were children for pediatric ophthalmologist review)    

2 patients declined surgery.  

Patients for medication & reassurance.

Camp Highlights