Eye Camp in Mandera, December 2021

Safe surgical Aid Eye team landed in Mandera town on 12th December 2021 for a two-week Long Double Eye Camps that took place at Mandera County Referral Hospital and Rhamu Sub-County Hospital located in Fifty (50) kilometers away from Mandera town.

During both Camps we attended to 1473 patients out of which 304 had eye surgeries with successful post-operative results.

  • Total number of patients attended to was 1473.
  • Total number of patients operated on were 304.
  • Total Number of patients put on medication were 1,160.
  • Total number of patients referred for specialized care were 9.

It was quite a fulfilling trip for the whole team and the host community’s health seeking behavior and co-operation was quite encouraging for our visit.

This little princess from Rhamu had a piece of a thorn in her eye for 8 months. She lived with the excrutiating pain for those months since she could not afford to travel and seek the services of a surgeon.

The parents brought her to be screened and registered for our eye camp in Rhamu last week. The surgeons reviewed her case and immediately took in for surgery that lastedless than 5 minutes.

The piece of the thorn was successfully removed and she would live pain free childhood, hopefully. She can now focus on school and Madrasa

Sharifa Abdi is a 95 years old mama from Suftu, a small village along Kenya-Ethiopia border.
She now lives in Mandera town with her niece, Bishara Dakane, who takes care of her. She lost all her children except a 9 year old grandson
whom she has never seen. ‘Wilka an eyeyda uahay, ses uyaala magaranayi’, laments Mama Sharifa.
Mama Sharifa lost her eyesight 12 years ago. For 12 years, she depended on her niece to move around, visit the toilet, access her bed and wear her clothes. Her old age makes it even harder. When her niece heard about the free Eye-Camp organized by Safe Surgical Aid, she brought her grandma for screening.

Camp Highlights

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