Dagahley Refugee Camp in Dadaab

Camp Breakdown

There is a huge need in eye care services in Kenya and most of this people are found in the rural part of this country where this services are not available.

SAFE SURGICAL AID eased the burden of these patients through sponsoring and facilitation. This has gone a long way in alleviating reversible blindness in this part of the under privileged population. Cataract is the clouding of the eye lens making the light not able to penetrate through leading to blindness. This is corrected by performing a specialized operation and replacing the natural lens with an artificial lens called (intra-ocular lens).

This increases the quality of the surgery leading to a better vision, thus give a better living quality.

The Dadaab Cataract camp August, 2021 was conducted courtesy of Safe Surgical Aid, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF- Swiss) and UNHCR. The camp was hosted by MSF Swiss at Dagahaley hospital. It was fully sponsored by United Hands Relief & Development.

Opthalmology Reverse Referrals, August 2021 Summary

  • Overall Patients Statistics
  • Cataract Camp August 2021

356 patients screened ,among them:


  1. 205 Surgeries done.
  2. 22 patients for Referrals (most were children for pediatric ophthalmologist review)    
  3. 3 patients declined surgery.  
  4. 78 Rebooked for next camp
  5. 48 Patients for medication & reassurance.

  • Successes
  1. Prescreening was done and right patient were selected for the camp.   
  2. A great number of patients that could not be referred to Garissa or Nairobi benefited from the camp.
  3. Flexibility of the staffs from referral department at Dagahley Hospital and other stake holders helped us to reach these achievements.
  4. Special Lunch and refreshment were provided during the exercise to all those working in the camp.
  5. Post -operative reviews done for all patients who underwent cataract surgery.
  6. COVID-19 prevention measures well implemented. All patients and their caretakers were masked appropriately, social distancing observed as reasonably as possible and sufficient hand washing & hand hygiene facilities provided in Dagahaley Hospital.
  • Conclusion

The reverse referral cataract surgery camp was a success. All the patients who

underwent surgery are recuperating well. The support from the organizing team was tremendous.

The working environment was very good. The Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF- Swiss)  referral team, logistic team and theatre team at MSF Dagahley Hospital were very supportive and endured the many hours as a team.

We would also like to thank UNHCR, The Kenya Red Cross, International Rescue Committee and The Health Department of Garissa County for the cooperation, teamwork and support for the noble course and making the dream come true for so many deserving refugees.

Special thanks goes to United Hands Relief & Development for sponsoring the camp. Your donation has literally helped many refugees go regain their sight. Many refugees who could not see a week ago, can now see clearly. May Allah reward you back with His unlimited blessings. 

Camp Highlights