Safe Surgical Aid, in collaboration with the Kuwait Embassy in Nairobi, the Relief Organization of East Africa,
and the Kilifi County Health Department, conducted a successful medical camp in Kilifi County, Kenya. The
camp focused on providing surgical interventions, particularly targeting patients with cataract and other
surgically treatable conditions. This report highlights the activities, outcomes, and key stakeholders involved in
the camp.
The medical camp took place from the 12th to the 16th of July 2023, spanning five days with two days held at
Malindi Subcounty Hospital and three days at Kilifi County Referral Hospital. The collaboration between Safe
Surgical Aid, the Kuwait Embassy, the Relief Organization, and the Kilifi County Health Department enabled
the provision of essential healthcare services to underserved communities in Kilifi County.
1. Surgical Interventions: During the medical camp, Safe Surgical Aid facilitated a total of 200 surgical
interventions aimed at addressing cataract-related vision impairments and enhancing the quality of life for
affected individuals. The surgeries were conducted across two key medical facilities in Kilifi County, namely
Malindi Subcounty Hospital and Kilifi County Referral Hospital.
At Malindi Subcounty Hospital, a total of 105 surgeries were performed by the skilled medical team. These
surgeries involved intricate procedures aimed at removing cataracts and restoring vision to patients in need.
Each surgery was meticulously conducted, with a focus on ensuring the safety and well-being of the patients.
Similarly, at Kilifi County Referral Hospital, 95 surgeries were carried out as part of the medical camp. The
medical team at this facility worked tirelessly to address cataract-related issues, providing patients with the
opportunity to regain their vision and improve their overall quality of life. Each surgical intervention was
tailored to the specific needs of the patient, with careful consideration given to their individual circumstances.
2. Stakeholder Involvement:
Kuwait Embassy and Relief Organization: The generous sponsorship and support from the Kuwait Embassy in
Nairobi, particularly H.E. Qusai Rashed Al-Farhan, and the Relief Organization of East Africa were
instrumental in the success of the camp.
The active involvement and collaboration of the Kilifi County Health Department, particularly the eye team,
played a crucial role in facilitating the smooth execution of the camp and ensuring the delivery of quality
healthcare services to the residents of Kilifi County.
3. Patient Screening: Safe Surgical Aid conducted screening activities in 30 villages across Malindi and Kilifi
Sub-counties, identifying 200 patients with cataract who were in need of surgical intervention. These patients
were provided with comprehensive pre-operative assessments to ensure their suitability for surgery.
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4. Patient Care: Following surgery, patients stayed overnight at the hospital for observation and were discharged
the following day after a review with medical staff and provision of necessary medications. This holistic
approach to patient care ensured optimal post-operative outcomes and recovery.
We extend our sincere gratitude to all the stakeholders involved in making the medical camp a success,
including Safe Surgical Aid, the Kuwait Embassy in Nairobi, the Relief Organization of East Africa, the Kilifi
County Health Department, the eye team, and the administrations of Malindi Subcounty Hospital and Kilifi
County Referral Hospital. Their unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts contributed significantly to the
success of the camp and the improvement of healthcare delivery in Kilifi County.


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