Safe Surgical Aid (SSAID) organized a medical and surgical eye camp in Masalani Sub County, Garissa
County, with the aim of providing free eye care services to residents and surrounding settlements. The camp,
initially scheduled for October/November of the previous year, was postponed due to El Niño-induced floods.
This report outlines the activities, challenges, outcomes, and key stakeholders involved in the successful
execution of the eye camp. The camp was generously sponsored by the Kuwait Horizon Charity Society
through the Relief Organization of East Africa.
The eye camp took place on the 26th of January 2023 and lasted for three days, including operation reviews. It
marked the second eye camp conducted by Safe Surgical Aid in Masalani following the first camp held in 2022.
Despite facing challenges due to adverse weather conditions, the medical team demonstrated dedication and
resilience in reaching the camp location and providing essential eye care services.
Screening of patients commenced on the 21st of January 2023 and continued until the 25th at Masalani
Subcounty Hospital. A total of 400 patients were screened during this period, with the majority discharged with
medication. The screening process aimed to identify individuals in need of eye care services, including those
requiring surgical interventions.
Despite challenges caused by heavy rainfall and subsequent road blockages, the medical team successfully
conducted 145 eye surgeries during the camp. While the turnout of patients was affected by the adverse weather
conditions, the surgeries performed aimed to address various eye conditions and improve the visual health of
the community.
Safe Surgical Aid acknowledges the continuous support and collaboration of the Garissa County Health
Department, particularly the team at Masalani Subcounty Hospital. Their assistance and cooperation were
instrumental in facilitating the smooth execution of the camp and ensuring access to quality eye care services
for the residents of Masalani and surrounding areas.
Following the surgeries, patients were discharged with medication and provided with eye glasses to protect
against light and dust. Additionally, a post-operation review was conducted two weeks after the camp to assess
the progress and well-being of the patients, demonstrating a commitment to comprehensive post-operative care
and follow-up.

The Safe Surgical Aid eye camp in Masalani Sub County, Garissa County, exemplified a commitment to
addressing eye health disparities and providing essential eye care services to underserved communities. Despite
facing challenges such as adverse weather conditions and logistical obstacles, the medical team demonstrated
dedication and resilience in reaching the camp location and conducting surgeries. Moving forward, it is
imperative to sustain the momentum generated by the camp and continue working towards improving access to
eye care services for all.
Safe Surgical Aid extends sincere appreciation to all stakeholders involved in the success of the eye camp,
including the Garissa County Health Department, Masalani Subcounty Hospital, and the dedicated medical
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