Safe Surgical Aid conducted a cataract camp targeting patients with eye ailments amenable to surgery in Kilifi
County, Kenya. The camp aimed to provide essential eye care services to those in need, particularly focusing on
cataract surgeries. This report outlines the activities, outcomes, and key stakeholders involved in the successful
execution of the camp.
The cataract camp was held in Kilifi County, Kenya, from 7th to 9th January 2023. Prior to the camp, screening
activities commenced on 23rd December 2022 and continued until the target number of patients was reached.
The camp was sponsored by the Kuwait Horizon Charity Society, with the Kuwait Ambassador to Kenya, H.E.
Qusai Rashed Al-Farhan, serving as the chief guest and sponsor.
A total of 600 individuals were screened in 25 villages across Kilifi County. This comprehensive screening
process ensured that individuals with cataract and other eye ailments were identified and provided with
appropriate care.
During the camp, 150 successful cataract surgeries were performed at the Malindi Sub County Hospital. The
surgeries were conducted by a skilled medical team led by Dr. Geoffrey Anaya. The three-day duration of the
surgeries allowed for efficient utilization of resources while ensuring high-quality care for each patient.
The Kuwait Ambassador to Kenya, H.E. Qusai Rashed Al-Farhan, played a significant role in the camp as the
sponsor and chief guest. His presence not only provided support and encouragement to the medical team but
also underscored the importance of international collaboration in addressing healthcare needs.
Following the surgeries, a post-operation review was conducted by the ophthalmology team at the Malindi Sub
County Hospital, ensuring that patients received adequate post-operative care and monitoring.
The Safe Surgical Aid cataract camp in Kilifi County was a resounding success, thanks to the concerted efforts
of all stakeholders involved. The camp not only provided essential eye care services to underserved
communities but also highlighted the importance of partnerships and collaboration in addressing global health
challenges. Moving forward, it is imperative to sustain the momentum generated by the camp and continue
working towards ensuring access to quality eye care for all.
We extend our sincere gratitude to the Kuwait Horizon Charity Society, the Kuwait Ambassador to Kenya, H.E.
Qusai Rashed Al-Farhan, and all the medical professionals and volunteers who contributed to the success of the
camp. Their dedication and commitment to improving the lives of others are truly commendable.


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