Safe Surgical Aid conducted a paediatric eye camp at Garissa County Referral Hospital from
October 29th to November 5th, 2023, aimed at providing surgical intervention for children with
various eye ailments. The camp successfully benefited a total of 50 children, with 66 eye
surgeries performed, primarily addressing congenital and trauma-related conditions. Notably, 28
of the children were referred from Dadaab Refugee Camp by the Kenya Red Cross, as there is a
lack of ophthalmologists within the refugee complex. Consequently, children within the refugee
community often endure treatable conditions for prolonged periods, significantly impacting their
quality of life and educational opportunities.
The lead ophthalmic surgeon for the camp was Dr. Amal Ahmed Saeed Alshabibi, the head of
ophthalmology at Garissa County Referral Hospital. Under her leadership, the children received
timely and expert surgical care, alleviating their years of suffering from reversible blindness. The
medical camp was generously funded by United Hands Relief and Development, an international
humanitarian organization based in Texas, United States.
The significance of this paediatric eye camp extends beyond the restoration of vision for these
children. It represents a crucial intervention in breaking the cycle of untreated eye conditions that
hinder their development and well-being. By hosting the children in Garissa during their surgery
and treatment, Safe Surgical Aid facilitated access to specialized care that would otherwise be
unavailable to them within the refugee camp setting.
The successful outcomes of the camp underscore the importance of collaborative efforts between
humanitarian organizations, medical professionals, and local healthcare institutions in addressing
the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations. Through such initiatives, we can make significant
strides towards improving the lives and futures of children affected by treatable eye conditions.

Medical Report: Paediatric Eye Camp at Garissa County Referral Hospital

Garissa County Referral Hospital

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