Safe Surgical Aid conducted a medical and surgical camp targeting children with cleft lip and palate at Camel
Hospital, a private hospital in Wajir Town, from 20th to 24th September 2023. The camp aimed to provide
surgical interventions to improve the quality of life for affected children. This report outlines the activities,
outcomes, and key stakeholders involved in the camp.

The medical camp targeted children with cleft lip and palate conditions, with a total of 50 patients benefiting
from the surgical interventions. Patients were mobilized through radio broadcasts and social media forums,
ensuring widespread awareness and participation. The surgeries primarily focused on palate reconstruction,
addressing a critical aspect of cleft lip and palate management. Notably, some patients were repeat attendees
who had previously undergone lip reconstruction at SSAID's cleft lip and palate camp at Wajir County Referral

Dr. Peter Oduor, a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon and senior lecturer in the Department of
Surgery at Egerton University, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, led the medical team. Dr. Oduor's expertise
and leadership were instrumental in ensuring the success of the surgical procedures and the overall camp

The medical camp was generously funded by United Hands Relief & Development, whose support enabled the
provision of essential surgical interventions to children with cleft lip and palate conditions in Wajir Town.

The surgical interventions conducted during the camp resulted in significant improvements in the quality of life
for the patients. Palate reconstruction procedures were successfully performed, addressing the functional and
aesthetic aspects of the cleft lip and palate conditions. The outcomes of the surgeries are expected to have long-
lasting positive effects on the patients' speech, feeding, and overall well-being.

Cleft lip and palate conditions are congenital anomalies that occur during fetal development, often due to
genetic and environmental factors. These conditions can lead to difficulties in speech and feeding, as well as
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significant social stigma. Children with cleft lip and palate may experience challenges in communication and
may face discrimination and social isolation due to their appearance.

Prior to undergoing surgery for their cleft lip and palate conditions, some of the children in the community
faced challenges in accessing education due to difficulties in speech and potential social stigma. Many were not
enrolled in local schools or Madrasas, as their condition affected their ability to communicate effectively.
However, following the successful surgeries conducted during the camp, these children will have a renewed
opportunity to pursue education and participate fully in community life. With their confidence restored and their
speech improved, they will be better equipped to engage with their peers and educators, enabling them to thrive
academically and socially. The interventions provided at the camp not only addressed the physical aspects of
their condition but also opened doors to a brighter future, where they can confidently pursue their aspirations
and contribute positively to society.

The Safe Surgical Aid cleft lip and palate camp at Camel Hospital, Wajir Town, successfully provided surgical
interventions to children in need, addressing a critical healthcare need in the community. The collaborative
efforts of the medical team, led by Dr. Peter Oduor, and the generous support of United Hands Relief &
Development were instrumental in achieving the camp's objectives. Moving forward, continued efforts are
essential to ensure access to quality surgical care for children with cleft lip and palate



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