Safe Surgical Aid (SSAID) conducted a pediatric eye camp at Camel Hospital in Wajir Town from September
14th to 19th, 2023. The camp aimed to address reversible blindness among children in the community. This
report provides an overview of the camp's activities, outcomes, and key findings.
Patient Mobilization and Outreach:
SSAID utilized radio broadcasts and social media platforms to mobilize patients for the camp, ensuring broad
participation and access to essential eye care services.
Medical Activities and Achievements:
Under the leadership of Dr. Ernest Ollando, a pediatric ophthalmologist, the medical team performed 49 eye
surgeries on 38 patients during the camp. Notably, some patients underwent surgery for both eyes, reflecting the
comprehensive nature of the interventions provided.
Funding and Support:
The pediatric eye camp was generously funded by United Hands Relief & Development, enabling SSAID to
execute the camp and provide critical eye care services to children in need.
Impact and Outcomes:
The pediatric eye camp had a profound impact on the lives of the patients and their families, particularly as the
beneficiaries were children who struggled with vision impairments. For many of these children, the surgeries
provided at the camp offered a new lease on life, enabling them to see the world with clarity and embark on a
brighter future. With their vision restored, they now have renewed hope and confidence as they pursue their
education and other endeavors. The camp not only transformed their physical well-being but also instilled
optimism and determination in their hearts.
Furthermore, the camp raised awareness about eye health and the importance of early intervention in the
community. By highlighting the significance of regular eye check-ups and prompt treatment for eye conditions,
the camp empowered community members to prioritize their eye health and seek timely medical assistance
when needed. This increased awareness is crucial for preventing and addressing vision problems in the future,
ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of the community.
Community Engagement and Empowerment:
Through education and counseling, caregivers were empowered to support their children's eye health and seek
timely medical attention when needed, fostering community engagement and empowerment.
The success of the pediatric eye camp in Wajir Town exemplified Safe Surgical Aid's (SSAID) commitment to
providing accessible and quality healthcare services to underserved communities. This commitment was further
bolstered by the constant support SSAID received from the eye department team at Wajir Referral Hospital.
Their expertise and collaboration were integral to the seamless execution of the camp and the delivery of
exceptional care to the children in need.
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The success of the camp was also attributable to the generous support from partners like United Hands Relief &
Development. Their unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes played a pivotal role in facilitating the camp
and ensuring that essential eye care services reached those who needed them most.
Moving forward, sustained efforts are crucial to address eye health disparities among children in the region.
SSAID remains committed to continuing its collaborative efforts with partners, local healthcare providers, and
community stakeholders to ensure that children in underserved areas have access to the eye care they need to
thrive. By working together and remaining steadfast in our mission, we can make a lasting impact on the eye


Wajir Town

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