In Kenya, people living with both mental and physical disabilities face deplorable levels of discrimination, even within their own families and communities. Regrettably, this discrimination is even more pronounced within the Somali community, where children endure relentless discrimination, neglect, and endure a heart-wrenching sense of social isolation. Shockingly, some parents go to the extreme of concealing their children’s disabilities, which cruelly deprives them of access to essential educational and healthcare resources they so desperately need.

This discrimination not only permeates within families but also inflicts severe hardships on these children within educational institutions. They experience heartbreakingly harsh ostracization and receive minimal support from both government and development partners. The lack of specialized infrastructure in schools, hospitals, and public spaces exacerbates their suffering, effectively cutting them off from full participation in community life.

The situation is even worse when it comes to children living with developmental disabilities. Unfortunately, even the government and its relevant agencies are not giving special focus to this category o children as they do with children with physical disability.

The “Don’t Hide Me” awareness creation event aims to challenge these stereotypes, promote inclusivity, and provide a platform for these children to be appreciated as individuals with unique abilities and potential. This forum will feature a range of activities designed to foster empathy, understanding, and collaboration among all stakeholders, ultimately working towards creating a more inclusive society.

The campaign theme, “Don’t Hide Me,” encapsulates the message of the event: these children should not be hidden away or stigmatized. They deserve recognition, inclusion, and equal opportunities.
The “Don’t Hide Me” awareness creation night is an essential step towards breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive society for children with hidden disabilities. By providing a platform for discussion, storytelling, and education, we aim to challenge stereotypes, promote empathy, and encourage tangible support for these children in their journey towards equal opportunities and recognition. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these children and their families, ensuring that they are no longer hidden but valued members of our communities.

Specific Outcomes
The initiative will yield numerous positive outcomes:

Empowerment: Children living with disabilities will gain self-confidence and independence, feeling empowered to participate in various activities and educational pursuits.

Inclusivity: The community will learn to embrace inclusivity, valuing diversity and recognizing the unique strengths that individuals with disabilities bring to society.

Advocacy: By advocating for the rights of children with disabilities, the initiative will encourage policymakers to adopt more inclusive policies and ensure that disabilities are mainstreamed in the education system.

Changing Perception: The initiative aims to shift perceptions, transforming the negative stereotypes associated with disabilities into positive attitudes and understanding.

#Don'tHide Me

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