After a SSAID Eye Surgery

Adult And Paediatric Eye Camp In Dadaab, September 2022

We visited the Dadaab Refugee Complex for the third time to extend our services to the refugees hosted by UNHCR and their partner organizations.

The Dadaab Refugee Complex comprises of Dagahley, IFO and Hagardera. The beneficiary patients were drawn from the 3 refugee camps in Dadaab as well as the Host community started.

In collaboration with UNHCR, MSF, International Rescue Committee and Kenya Red Cross Society, we mobilized patients and screened them according to identify patients with eye conditions that are amenable to surgery. Reviews and patient screening was limited to 550 cases, of 535 adults and 15 children of which 355 cases of surgeries done, 355 cases of adult eye surgeries and five (5) cases of paediatric Eye surgeries between 4th to 6th September 2022 as the final day of reviews post-operatively.

The Refugees are the most vulnerable and neglected population that really needs a lot of Health care interventions as it takes them months and years to get help. This is due to restricted movement imposed on them and the lack of capacity by the Refugee hosting Organizations like MSF (Medicins Sans Frontieres), Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) and International Rescue Committee (IRC).

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    Adult And Paediatric Eye Camp In Dadaab, September 2022

    • Event Date & Time
      September 2022
    • Event Venue
      Dadaab Refugee Complex
    • Contact Number
      +254 724 820 241, +254 706 266 726

    Dadaab Refugee Complex

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