SSAID Adult Cataract Camp In Modogashe, May 2022

SSAID Adult Cataract Camp In Modogashe, May 2022

Madogashe is a small and remote village in Kenya that is North of Garissa County. A section of Modogashe is administratively part of Isiolo County. TA’ALOF AL KHAIR through GIFT OF KINDNESS and Kuwait Is By Your Side sponsored the Eye Camp mission.

The eye camp started with a month long screening and preparation of patients. The surgical eye camp began on 5th May 2022 and ended on 13th May 2022. It attracted approximately 530 patients from across the villages out of which 305 who had diagnosed with Cataract had a successful surgery. We provided medication to Two Hundred and Twenty Five (225) patients and advised them on further follow up at Madogashe Sub county Hospital.

On 25th May 2022, the specialists revisited the operated patients for post-op review where their vision and general wellbeing was reassessed. The mission was successful with a lot life changing surgeries and lessons reaffirmed our commitment to prevent and end any form of blindness.

Adult Cataract Camp In Modogashe, May 2022

  • Event Date & Time
    5th May 2022 and ended on 13th May 2022
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