ENT Camp in Dadaab (Mar 2022)

Camp Breakdown

Yet again it was a return trip for Safe Surgical Aid under the sponsorship of Gift of Kindness, to team up with UNHCR, Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF), and Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) International Rescue Committee (IRC) at Dagahley MSF Hospital to attend to the refugee patients who needed Ear, Nose and Throat specialist’s services.

The surgeon screened a total of 152 patients of which 102 needed surgery and we managed to operate 67 patients successfully.

The screening of Patients was done across the four (4) main refugee camps of IFO, Dagahaley, Hagardhere and Dadaab.

Overall Patients Statistics

  • Cataract Camp August 2021

A return date for a similar camp has been agreed on to attend to more patients who will equally

need such services.

Our gratitude to everyone involved in ameliorating pain is immeasurable.

Camp Highlights