Adult Caratact Surgeries in Wajir, August 2022

Wajir County Referral Hospital hosted the eye camp where we conducted Adult cataract surgeries from 23rd to 27th August 2022. Four Hundred thirteen (413) patients screened and 200 patients with cataract picked for surgical repair. Two hundred and twelve (212) put on medication. We provided eye drops to the operated patients and sunglasses to prevent light, dust and other exposures that can harm the eye. All the patients had post-operation review from 3rd to 5th September at the Wajir County Referral Hospital.

A free surgery means so much for these people in Wajir. They live with their conditions because they cannot afford a surgery. They wait until a good benevolent Samaritan comes their way. We purpose to expand our visits across the country to restore visions and hope It was a very successful exercise that saw many life changing experiences covering beneficiaries from a cross the towns and villages of Wajir County.

United Hands Relief & Development(UHR) sponsored the Medical camp

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